TV Club: Aquarius: “Everybody’s Been Burned”/“The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game”

Pre-season reviews of Aquarius have offered a mixed bag so far. Many reviewers, like our own Noel Murray, have noted that it tries to offer too many options at once: a hard-boiled detective show, a case-of-the-week, and a depiction of the pre-Helter Skelter days of the Manson Family. Aquarius succeeds at some of these efforts (the former) more than others (the latter), but is mostly well-done enough to keep us hooked from week to week.

The first episode succeeds more than its second, as a young couple attends a happening party to the tune of ominous hippie music and is quickly drawn into a dangerous world. Young Emma (Bunheads‘ Emma Dumont) decides to stick around, so we get to see how an outsider would view their induction into Manson’s universe. Even down to the most basic levels, like how people with no means of support would get clothing (shoplifting …

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