TV Club: Another Period: “Switcheroo Day”

Since the pilot, Another Period has taken its 20th century setting and reality show base as an absurd backdrop for social commentary, satire, and some pretty dark humor. It’s not afraid to “go there,” as one might say, and it does so with the type of “smart stupidity” that you see in programs like a Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp or a Childrens Hospital. In “Switcheroo Day,” Another Period takes that all a step further—a feat that appeared impossible—by combining rags to riches, hate to love, and fake relationship tropes into a somehow coherent storyline. It’s also the best of season so far, marrying the off-center humor with genuine emotional beats (as well as genuine acts of despicableness). Moshe Kasher’s script takes these confusingly popular tropes and molds them to fit perfectly into the Another Period‘s twisted, hyper world.

What’s …

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