TV Club: Another Period: “Senate”

Whether you think Another Period is working as a period sitcom-slash-reality series parody or not, it’s very important to note that Another Period‘s very success (or lack thereof) depends greatly on the leadership of Natasha Leggero and Riki Lindhome, both as showrunners and lead actresses. The plots are driven by them—and Lillian and Beatrice Bellacourt—even with a mightily talented cast of actors (comedic or otherwise) that could easily anchor their own version of the show.

At least, it appears as though the supporting cast could easily take over, which is why “Senate” is actually the first truly disappointing episode of Another Period. This is the first episode of Another Period to put Lillian and Beatrice in the corner, choosing instead to put focus on their brother Frederick. Now, while Frederick (and by extension, Jason Ritter) has been an unexpected highlight of the series, “Senate” goes a …

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