TV Club: Another Period preaches the gospel: Mo’ hatchets, mo’ problems

Lillian: “Today’s the best day of our lives!”
Beatrice: “Our marriages are being annulled!”
Lillian: “Now we’re living the dream: We’re two single women in 1903 with 16 children between us.”

Oh, Lillian and Beatrice. After spending a little time outside of the walls of Bellacourt manor, having their 15 minutes of fame and subsequent run-in Harriet Tubman, the terrible Bellacourt twosome are back home. And they’re back with the weight of their loveless marriages lifted off of them… Almost. Even with the easy out of them finally getting their marriages to Victor and Albert annulled, they can’t even do that without a few hiccups. Unsurprisingly, Beatrice/Albert have an easier time consciously uncoupling than Lillian/Victor, but “Annulment” makes sure that both plots are mined for as much comedic gold as they possibly can be.

“Annulment” feels more like the type of episode that …

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