TV Club: Another Period: “Funeral”

Last week’s Another Period was an episode full of rape and spousal abuse jokes—a fact that sounds absolutely appalling out of context—and also one that displayed the massve amount of potential the young series has. In order to fully live up to that potential, or even be half as funny, episode three would somehow have to pull out all of the stops. “Funeral” doesn’t quite reach the highs (and pleasant, debaucherous lows) of last week’s “Divorce,” but it still continues Another Period‘s streak of being a strangely smart show full of terrifically dumb gags. It also serves as a template for the sitcom’s rather serialized nature, something that again speaks more to its soap opera “roots” than its reality television ones.

After the decision to fake Victor and Albert’s death last week, it’s obviously important for there to be the very …

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