TV Club: Another Period: “Dog Dinner Party”

Last week’s Another Period took a stab at the “holiday”-themed romantic comedy genre, giving it an injection of the series’ own twisted brand of historical-based humor. “Switcheroo Day” was impressive in how complex it was—in addition to the fact that it was just plain hilarious—and set the standard for the series moving forward. This week’s episode, “Dog Dinner Party,” continues that standard-bearing and forward momentum for the series, taking all of Another Period’s soapiest aspects and just running with them. Those are the moments like Chair’s scheming for a higher standing in the Bellacourt household or Peeper’s love of Dodo or Beatrice and Frederick’s inappropriate sibling love. They’re actually the moments that appear in the forefront of “Dog Dinner Party,” and it somehow, it all ends up with quite the moving episode, one that could be called the show’s …

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