TV Club: Another excellent Portlandia sends Fred to Austin and Carrie to the grocery store

At the end of last week’s Portlandia review, I talked about how while I loved the episode, I had some concerns about the direction that the story appeared to be headed. The decision that Fred and Carrie made to go the Friends With Kids route and have a child together was one that made sense in the context of the narrative, but also promised to entirely upend some of the show’s core principles. Fred and Carrie having sex—let alone having a kid together—felt like such a betrayal of the Bert and Ernie dynamic the two share that it was tantamount to blasphemy, one that even if their characters only appeared occasionally would still have a ripple effect on the rest of the greater universe.

These concerns turn out to be unfounded, as while they ended “Going Gray” on a serious character moment, the action of “Shville …

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