TV Club: Angie Tribeca proves that some women can have it all

It’s strange to think about how Angie Tribeca‘s first season only happened earlier this year, as the changes that its second season has gone through feel like the type a show would need to grow into after a number of years and seasons. Perhaps the most fascinating thing about Angie Tribeca‘s decision to change up its tone and style this season is just how well the show is doing in terms of adapting and evolving. The show’s entire approach to storytelling has completely changed—even though its sense of humor and “plot holes” haven’t—and it’s so unexpected in how well it’s doing it. While “Beach Blanket Sting-O” hit on how finely-tuned Angie Tribeca has become on the joke side of things (and more fully-formed when it comes to the character development), “You’ve Got Blackmail” is arguably now the standard bearer for …

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