TV Club: Angie Tribeca is taken off the case but pushed into a scandal

“Tribeca can’t shake the feeling that the cause of a 102-year-old’s death isn’t as natural as others believe, but her concerns fall on deaf ears. Why? She’s on probation after that whole data breach snafu. Also something about an election…?”

“A Coldie But A Goodie” is a perfectly fine episode of Angie Tribeca, which is pretty much its “downfall.” When a show is as good as Angie Tribeca or hits its stride as well as the series has in its past couple of episodes, something like “perfectly fine” sounds like the sharpest blow one can ever give it. But for all the good of the series’ new approach in its second season, it was always bound to hit a snag in terms of the story it’s telling; “A Coldie But A Goodie” just so happens to be that snag. After a big episode like “You …

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