TV Club: Angela has a victory lap—not a tantrum—on the season’s penultimate Exorcist

“162” is easily the most Angela-centric episode of The Exorcist. To be clear, that’s Angela the vehicle for Pazuzu, not Angela the human being. Now under the control of her childhood demonic tormentor, she visits various allies and would-be foes around Chicago, throwing around her weight and laying the groundwork for next week’s finale. Some of her handiwork plays to the show’s penchant for unnerving torture and gore, especially a tray of baked goods she brings to Mother Bernadette. In a separate, slightly less drastic display of violence, she has to keep herself from choking Henry to death while initiating foreplay in the bedroom.

But while The Exorcist gets the superficial details right as usual—the blood, the music, the claustrophobic camera angles—the overall tone of “162” remains almost stubbornly one-note. Since none of Pazuzu’s enemies know exactly what’s going on with Angela for …

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