TV Club: An unexpected visitor shows that Raimy might not be alone in Frequency’s “Deviation”

As I’ve mentioned, Frequency is one of several time travel series on the air right now. Last night, TimelessAbigail Spencer tweeted, “Anybody wanna come get in my time machine?” Steeped in Frequency, I’ve been thinking a lot about why this possibility of tweaking the past as so popular. Even before the horrific results of last night’s election. If you had Timeless‘ time machine or Raimy’s radio, what would you tell someone in the past to try to do? Cancel The Apprentice?

So it’s no wonder that the thought of being able to fix things up in the past has such appeal. From a narrative standpoint, it’s also rich, because said past-tweaker expects things to go a certain way when they clean something up in the timeline. As The Flashs Barry Allen can tell us (many times over), things seldom work out the …

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