TV Club: An old foe offers Peggy her assistance on an Agent Carter two-parter

Agent Carter fans get a special treat this week and next with double the retro antiestablishment action, and tonight’s pair of episodes amps up the intrigue by bringing back a familiar fatal face: Dottie Underwood, the Soviet spy that caused problems for Peggy last year and briefly appeared at the top of this season. Exposed and injured, Peggy needs, as Sousa says, “a highly skilled unknown face who can blend in with the glamour and throw down to the gutter,” and her self-confessed bad idea is to spring Dottie from S.S.R. custody, get her to Hollywood, and use her to gain a sample of the Zero Matter running through Whitney Frost’s veins. It’s a far from flawless plan and matters quickly get out of hand, but all of the complications just make the episode more thrilling by putting the characters in dire straits.

These two …

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