TV Club: An ill-advised kiss caps off another season of Love

“Back In Town” makes an interesting choice that I’m not sure I’m all for the final episode of the second season. The show has already been renewed for a third season, so it’s not like we’re left hanging, but instead of focusing on Gus and Mickey, the show expands its world to include Rich Sommer’s Dustin. “Back In Town” begins and ends with him, and creating an obstacle for Mickey and Gus’ love that’s ostensibly external, rather than internal, but just features

The episode begins with Dustin talking to therapist. It’s supposed to be this moment of self-actualization for him, he wants to live a new grown-up life, and wants Mickey by his side to do so. But life moves fast while you’re making other plans, and other cliches, not to mention Mickey’s gigantic issues about intimacy and closeness. So while …

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