TV Club: An explosive Downton Abbey brings secrets into the open

As Downton Abbey races toward its conclusion, everything, and I mean everything, comes out. Tom pushes Mary and Henry Talbot into abandoning their pretense. Mary confides in Tom one reason she’s resisting Henry’s charms, and hints at another. Carson’s approach to marriage become clear. Cora and Violet’s squabble over the hospital merger becomes full-on war—before the Health Minister, no less. Denker’s blackmailing tendencies become explicit, and so do Violet’s. Mary finally clues in to Marigold’s parentage. And Robert’s ulcer… well, Robert’s ulcer must out, too.

There’s a breezy air of novelty to this episode, which features plenty of trips out of the manor house and outings in the fresh air. Tom and Mary tromp around the estate and drive to Catterick to watch Henry race a new car. Over a drink at the pub (a first for Mary), Tom …

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