TV Club: An excellent Jane The Virgin deals with disastrous dates and a gay grandpa

“Chapter Thirty-Two” opens on a shot of the teenage Jane Gloriana Villanueva sitting on her couch with her new laptop computer, but rather than the simple fade in that typically kicks off these flashback prologues, the image of Jane is sketched on a blank white screen, starting with black-and-white pencil and gradually filling in to become the final photographic image. It’s a graceful visualization of the Latin Lover Narrator’s introduction to “a portrait of the writer as a young woman,” offering a literal hand-drawn portrait of Jane before jumping into the action, but it also represents the transition Jane is going through as an adolescent making a commitment to her art for the first time. The laptop gives Jane the means to form her identity as a writer, and the episode sketches her into being to emphasize the theme of artistic expression from the very first shot.

That …

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