TV Club: An eviction notice takes the Gallaghers from Shameless to homeless

The final scene in “Going Once, Going Twice” showcases Shameless at its best.

It’s a scene that the entire episode is building to. Although most characters have their own story—more on those in a bit—the family has come together to attend the auction for their own house. They’ve gone through a lot to get to this point: Fiona discovered that no credit is better than bad credit, pawned off Gus’ Holocaust Hooch ring, and eventually took money from Sean to cobble together a down payment. This is the chance for the Gallaghers to own their own history, something they’ve never done, and something they don’t even have a concept of. They have $100,000 to spend when the auction begins, and if this were a different kind of show these scrappy underdogs would have won their house.

But when the auction starts, it’s …

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