TV Club: An eerie Legion is part head trip, part road trip—and all dazzling

Memories are unreliable. That’s been Legion‘s refrain from the very beginning, a promise that what you’re about to see can’t be trusted. It’s a story, just like the ones we tell ourselves about how last night’s date went, or what really happened in that sixth grade talent show, or what kind of person you believe yourself to be. The aggregation of fact, feeling, and interpretation of the past combines in your mind to trick you, to see patterns of meaning where there are none, and to assign space and time to events that may be radically other than you recall. There’s nothing reliable about our memories, which raises the more concerning question: If we’re nothing more than the accumulation of our past, is there anything reliable about our very selves?

“Chapter 4” explicitly addresses the nature of storytelling, right from its opening …

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