TV Club: An average Baskets features a small selfless act of love

Though there have been brief moments of kindness in this season of Baskets, “DJ Twins” features something a little different: A selfless act on the part of Chip to help cheer up his mother, even though unbeknownst to him she forced his wife to return to Paris. Near the end of the episode, Chip and Martha travel to a rave to convince Cody and Logan (Garry and Jason Clemmons), his adopted “DJ twin” brothers, to cheer up their mom after they abruptly left a family dinner; it’s an affecting moment not only because of Chip’s selflessness, but also because he admits that they can cheer her up in a way that neither he nor his obnoxious brother Dale ever could. “Sometimes you just don’t know how unhappy someone is,” says Christine after the twins leave before they can take a picture with their mom, all but admitting …

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