TV Club: An ambitious Elementary makes the most of Schrödinger’s Watson

“So how about you tell us the truth, and we’ll all just agree that you’ve suffered enough?”

There are some very interesting interrogations in “Pick Your Poison.” Marcus offers a carjacker this absolution and has to ask Joan if she’s written any black-market prescriptions lately; Sherlock calls Shinwell on his skills as an informant. Joan gets the episode’s centerpiece, a case-wrapping interrogation that’s both brutal and revealing. And it’s not surprising the murderer doesn’t have a word to say about it; everywhere you turn in this episode, there’s somebody who just can’t keep up the ruse any more. The hapless carjacker caves as halfheartedly as he lied, a crooked doctor still informs her patient that his mother’s been poisoning him, and Shinwell’s unable to play it cool to anyone. Even Sherlock can’t hold back from Joan for long …

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