TV Club: An acting showcase for The Americans is enhanced by shocking family secrets

“Crossbreed” is the type of Americans episode that makes you want to grab an Emmy voter by the lapels and scream “What do these people have to do win a trophy?” Keri Russell, Matthew Rhys, and Frank Langella would all be justified in submitting it for the academy’s consideration this year; the Claudia-Gabriel interlude means that character actress Margo Martindale will actually have some screentime to show for her Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series award this time around. The director is an actor herself—former Klingon Roxann Dawson—and Stephen Schiff’s script provides meaty, moving material for Russell, Rhys, and Langella. Sweetening the deal: the jaw-dropper of Paige meeting Gabriel.

Frank Langella (Photo: Patrick Harbron/FX)

The quiet, confident work that Frank Langella has done on The Americans could go unnoticed. Consistency often is. But there’s nothing like the line “I’m just tired. And …

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