TV Club: Americans! Americans! God shed his grace on thee spectacular season premiere

Over the course of The Americans, we have watched Elizabeth and Philip Jennings’ relationship evolve out of order. Within the confines of their arranged marriage, they learned to love and trust one another, and as the fifth season opens, they’re not just one caring, compassionate couple—they’re two, in the form of their airline-industry aliases, the Eckerts. And with the stunning opener to season five, “Amber Waves,” we’re now witnessing forward momentum in Philip and Elizabeth’s partnership, as the consequences of being a family are finally sinking in.

Some of this is mission-related: Elizabeth’s being extra-protective of Paige because Paige knows her parents’ secret, and because her budding romance with Matthew places that secret in a vulnerable position. But the Jennings have children beyond their biological ones. There’s Tuan, the Eckerts’ adopted son, who attracts Elizabeth’s silent pride and identification when he disparages …

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