TV Club: American Horror Story: Roanoke turns subtext into powerful text

“Why the hell is she filming herself?” Dominic asks as Agnes stands outside, threatening the house’s inhabitants with her cleaver and her torch. “Why is he filming this? Are you working for Sidney?” Lee asks the Polks as they strap her to a chair. “What art thou doing?” Agnes asks as Shelby feebly holds up her phone to film her attacker. “I’m not filming this, you psychopath!” Monet rebukes Lee after they discover Rory’s corpse strung up in a tree… but seconds later, Monet has resumed filming. “Chapter 7,” credited to long-time American Horror Story script coordinator, story editor, and staff writer Crystal Liu, does something too few found-footage fictions manage: It questions why the characters continue filming, even in fury or panic, and it justifies their choice.

Sidney keeps rolling even after he hears a scream just outside just outside the production trailer, because that’s …

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