TV Club: American Horror Story: Hotel, where the details don’t interest us

The Countess has left her pet project to the last minute. Ordering a contractor to seal up The Cortez’s once-secret wing—not just seal it up, but outfit it with a high-security entrance after installing a dozen cameras for remote observation—by tomorrow, she brushes off his objections. “Details don’t interest me, boo. Results are the only thing that matter.”

A lot of the details in “She Wants Revenge” seem beside the point, too little too late, and uncomfortably low on results. Ramona Royale reappears, with bonus backstory laid in on top of the backstory she was originally given. Donovan swears loyalty to Ramona and to The Countess, lying to at least one of them. A PI has tracked down Valentino and Natacha, and The Countess visits to pledge her undying devotion to him (but emphatically not to her). Iris checks in a party of pornographers, kills them …

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