TV Club: American Horror Story: Hotel commits the most grievous sin of all

“The Ten Commandments Killer” opens by repeating last week’s action: Having led Det. John Lowe out of the psychiatric hospital, Wren dodges into the path of an oncoming truck. The driver insists he couldn’t have missed her, and he’s right. She stepped out toward the death that eluded her for so long. “She’s dead,” an onlooker says unnecessarily, and that sets the tone for the episode: events we’ve seen before revisited, described, then capped by redundant summaries.

Back at The Hotel Cortez, Sally begs John to come back to the bar with her and abandon his search for the truth, but he finally demands the answers he’s long suspected lie within the hotel. After sidestepping his questions, Sally caves. Behind the massive armoire in his hotel room, she tells him, “you’ll find what you’re looking for,” an ominous phrase indeed.

Sarah Paulson …

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