TV Club: American Horror Story: Freak Show: “Curtain Call”

Dandy Mott, not Jimmy Darling, has been American Horror Story: Freak Show‘s secondary protagonist all along. Dandy and AHS have a lot in common. Dandy has an eye for spectacle, a deluded sense of panache, and an unhesitating enthusiasm for the kill. But he also has… let’s call it “poor impulse control.”

Dandy wants results, and he wants them now. He expects ticket sales to spike the minute he announces his new act. He wants the stage lighting—highly specific and tailored to his personal color theory (“Blue symbolizes night. For Anything Goes, I need the magenta light to accentuate my spirited rendition!”)—perfected immediately. He kills his mother to escape her controlling scrutiny, he uses her money to buy the freak show he’s obsessed with, he slaughters the remaining performers so he can… wait, do what, exactly?

Dandy’s fun to watch, but his unreflective, pettish …

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