TV Club: American Crime: “Episode Three”

As the weeks go by and American Crime continues to progress, one of the most notable things about it is how precisely structured it is. Themes reappear throughout an episode and each incident presents itself after a subtle twist of the kaleidoscope, creating a completely different image with components that, on the surface, appear to be identical.

“Episode Three” opens in the Gutierrez house, silent but for the banal droning of a radio morning show. It’s a month after the crime and Alonzo is preparing for work. He calls out to Jenny but she continues to shun him, still blaming him for Tony’s plight. He leaves for work to find a television crew waiting for him. Later we’ll here what he says to them as he’s ambushed in his driveway. “He’s illegal. Those are the ones. Always make the rest of us look bad.”

Tony …

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