TV Club: Alliances form as Better Call Saul heads for a two-front war

If characters on TV were good at walking away from investments of time and energyfrom jobs, marriages, quixotic quests, vendettaswe’d have a lot less great drama. The title of this episode refers directly to one of Kim’s lines as she promises to stand by Jimmy, but it applies to the thought processes of Chuck, Jimmy, and Mike equally well.

“Sunk Costs” sets the table for two plotlines we’re likely to see play out for the next few weeks: Jimmy’s fight against the criminal charges pressed by Chuck, and Mike’s vengeance against the Salamanca organization for threatening his family. Both men are given a chance to walk away, and both are unwilling to leave behind their investments. And so they decide to fight on, preferring the risks of staying in the arena to the losses they’d incur by taking the proffered deals.

And …

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