TV Club: All hell breaks loose on Ash Vs. Evil Dead

As Run-D.M.C. once warned us, “Something strange goin’ on/ Something is wrong.” Nine episodes later, this series isn’t so much Ash Vs. Evil Dead anymore as it’s Ash Vs. Ruby Vs. Evil Dead. There are now three very different parties–Ash and the Ghost Beaters; the Deadites; and Ruby Knowby–with three very separate agendas for us to follow with anticipation: one wants to destroy the book, one wants to destroy the world, and one … well, it’s still unclear what exactly she wants, but we officially know she has zero good intentions. “Of course I know what I’m doing,” Ruby spits back at a panicked and befuddled Ash. “I wrote this book.” In the meantime, Pablo is offering up one hell of a Stanley Ipkiss impersonation for Kelly, a wounded Heather is having a wild panic attack on the couch, Deadite Fisher is running around somewhere …

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