TV Club: All aliens are welcome as President Lynda Carter visits Supergirl

I’ve always been a sucker for sci-fi as metaphor. It’s what first drew me to stuff like Star Trek and X-Men when I was a kid, and I still get a kick out of watching genre shows tackle real world issues through a heightened lens. Though Supergirl has explored themes of feminism and prejudice before, “Welcome To Earth” ramps things up into full-on allegory mode. When an Alien Amnesty Act extends protection to all alien visitors, our heroes must confront their own prejudices and biases around extraterrestrial immigrants. And while it’s about as subtle as an anvil when it comes to making its points, Supergirl maintains its newfound second season confidence as it moves into pointedly political territory.

The basic arc of “Welcome To Earth” is a familiar one: Kara starts the episode as a bleeding-heart pro-alien supporter while Alex considers Kara, Clark, and J’onn to …

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