TV Club: Alicia Florrick and Lucca Quinn become friends in a tumultuous episode of The Good Wife

Nothing is official yet, but all signs are pointing toward this being the final season of The Good Wife. Creators and showrunners Robert and Michelle King announced that they will be stepping down after this season. And then Julianna Margulies joked that she’ll be unemployed in April, suggesting that a hypothetical eighth season of The Good Wife would be down two Kings and its queen. So what is the truth? CBS hasn’t made any official announcements regarding the show’s renewal status, but I’ll be shocked if The Good Wife doesn’t end after this season. Tonight’s episode certainly makes it seem like we are barreling toward an ending. But “Judged” doesn’t just signal conclusion. It’s a rollercoaster of an episode that tries to accomplish a bit too much all at once. A lot happens, and not all of it makes sense, but even …

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