TV Club: Alec Baldwin breaks the hosting record as SNL goes all-in on Trump

“I’m not an actor, I’m a [current all-time SNL hosting] star!”

Alec Baldwin may not have intended to become a de facto cast member this season, but he did agree to play Donald Trump back when the idea of a Trump presidency was just a distasteful but obvious joke and not the country’s daily reality. Hosting for the record 17th time tonight, Baldwin is SNL royalty, but, one senses, he thought that playing Trump would be more of a temporary gig. Still, Baldwin’s bellicose Trump—here skipping his traditional cold open for a funny People’s Court sketch squaring off against the three judges who blocked his “Muslim ban”—is reliably, if superficially, amusing. That’s not a knock on Baldwin’s impression, really—as Baldwin said in a recent interview, it’s awfully hard for political satire to find an in on this particular figure …

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