TV Club: AHS: Roanoke starts rolling and doesn’t stop, no matter what

“We rolling? The camera never stops, no matter what,” reality-show creator/producer Sidney Aaron James (Cheyenne Jackson) tells his crew. “Even if I tell you stop, keep rolling.” It’s a relief that American Horror Story: Roanoke has finally started playing its much-promised second reel, and an even bigger relief that once the episode starts rolling, it never stops, no matter what. “Chapter 6” isn’t just the best episode of the season so far; technically speaking, it ranks with the best-executed episodes of American Horror Story, period.

“Chapter 6” covers a lot of territory, introducing Sidney (the voice behind the scenes in all those talking-head segments, and the mind behind My Roanoke Nightmare) and the actors who recreated the lives of Matt and Shelby Miller and Lee Harris. It travels from L.A. to North Carolina, from studio to set. It reveals the conflicts that hid behind the separate …

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