TV Club: After last week’s emotional high, How To Get Away With Murder crashes

After last week’s quite, emotionally tense, and deeply character-driven episode, it’s back to business as usual for How To Get Away With Murder, and unfortunately, business as usual for this show means way too much story jammed into an episode with little sense of cohesion. “Is Someone Really Dead?,” in fact, feels a bit like déjà vu. Even though there are some new developments, it’s almost like a recap episode, name-checking big moments in How To Get Away With Murder history. It’s all stuff we’ve seen and heard before, and it doesn’t help raise the stakes for the under-the-sheet reveal, which is now just two weeks away. “Is Someone Really Dead?” almost feels like a simulacrum of a How To Get Away With Murder episode. It has all the usual elements of the show’s thriller structure and mimics its dark tone, but it …

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