TV Club: After a difficult week, Supergirl offers an open-hearted world

Tonight’s Supergirl presents a world where no one questions that women can be strong leaders, where gay people are openly supported, where climate change research is a top priority, and where humans and aliens of all races realize they’re stronger together than they are apart. “Changing” is ostensibly a horror movie homage, but its world looks awfully appealing right about now. Supergirl aired a more overtly political episode earlier this season, but there’s a lot of comfort to be had in returning to the show’s optimistic world for an hour this week.

Acceptance and denial are the big themes in “Changing” (and maybe something about parasites? I haven’t quite been able to link that thematically yet). When he’s infested by an ancient alien slug in Arctic Norway, climate change scientist Dr. Rudy Jones (former Lost star/Tom Cruise cousin Willian Mapother) sets about taking …

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