TV Club: Adventure Time welcomes guest animators that experiment with style

Marceline’s tragic past is one of the most heartbreaking elements of Adventure Time, and “Ketchup” is an episode that explores Marceline’s difficulty coming to terms with the pain and loss she’s endured during her life. When BMO arrives at Marceline’s house to hunt down vampires (not realizing that they were all defeated back during the Stakes miniseries), the two of them have a catch-up session to pass the time while BMO recovers data from an ancient USB drive. They tell each other stories that are increasingly emotional, and by the end, Marceline has a major moment when she realizes that there are some memories of her past that are too meaningful to keep locked away.

I was just saying yesterday that my favorite thing about Adventure Time is seeing how different creative voices change the series, and “Ketchup” is a great example of this, welcoming guest …

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