TV Club: Adventure Time: “Water Park Prank”

“Water Park Prank” is a simplistic episode of Adventure Time following Finn and Jake as they pull a prank on Ice King at the Wet Pipes Water Park, but it stands out because of the distinct visual style of David Ferguson, the Glasgow-based animator that writes, directs, and storyboards this episode. From the title card and credits, it’s clear that this episode will have a very different look than the Adventure Time norm, and Ferguson joins the ranks of artists like David OReilly and Masaaki Yuasa as an animator that drastically changes the style of the show by interpreting it through his singular point of view.

Ferguson’s cutout-style animation makes everything very flat, but it has a lot of charm and character. It’s a lot of fun to see him interpret the Adventure Time cast in this style, and the characters’ cuteness considerably increases when they’re …

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