TV Club: Adventure Time: “Graybles 1000+”

The “Graybles” chapters of Adventure Time have evolved over time. Originally introduced as assortments of short stories connected by a common theme, the “Graybles” episodes have, like everything else on this series, grown to become something more. In “Graybles 1000+”, it is revealed that Cuber, the Graybles storyteller, lives in a future beyond Finn and Jake’s time, and he has to go back to Ooo to escape aliens who want to make him pay for interrupting a space wedding and accidentally killing the bride.

Was anyone demanding an episode delving into the character of Cuber? Probably not, but writer and storyboarder Steve Wolfhard has found a captivating angle for the character by turning to the Graybles for inspiration. Cuber is defined by his relationship to the stories he tells, and Wolfhard uses the Graybles to tell short stories about the primary cast that help guide Cuber through his current …

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