TV Club: Adventure Time: “Gold Stars”

There’s a moment in “Gold Stars” when the story goes from good to great, an event that dramatically changes the context of the episode by revealing a frightening unseen aspect of the naïve, innocent Sweet P. Before that point, “Gold Stars” is an entertaining, but not particularly memorable chapter of Adventure Time, telling a traditional morality tale about the dangers of trusting strangers. There’s a lot of Pinocchio in Seo Kim and Xomvilay Xayaphone’s script, which follows Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig’s adopted son Sweet P. (who is also the reincarnation of The Lich) as he goes to school for the first time and is led astray by two manipulative conmen.

One of the strangers Sweet P. encounters is the King of Ooo (Andy Daly), who returns to the show for the first time since his debut in “Apple Wedding.” It turns out that Princess Bubblegum …

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