TV Club: Adventure Time: “Friends Forever”

It can be hard to make friends, and the perpetually lonely Ice King tries to fast-track friendship in “Friends Forever” by taking advantage of the power of the Life-Giving Magus, who brought Ice King’s Fionna And Cake Omnibus to life at the end of “Mystery Dungeon.” That hyperactive living text isn’t the best companion, but it inspires Ice King to use the Magus’ power to make all the objects in his house sentient, ideally creating a slew of new friends to hang out with him. But Ice King’s plans rarely work out the way he intends. His furniture, musical instruments, dishes, and appliances are brought to life, but they are all born with a superior intellect that makes them immediately shun their oafish owner, forcing Ice King to reconsider his behavior in hopes of fitting in.

“Friends Forever” is another depressing chapter in the tragic saga of …

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