TV Club: Adventure Time: “Evergreen”

What’s the deal with Ice King’s crown? Why did Simon Petrikov gain magical abilities when he put it on, and why did it drive him insane? “Evergreen” answers these questions with a flashback to prehistoric Earth, revealing that the crown was created to be a weapon that would destroy the comet threatening the planet’s current population of dinosaurs and evolved elemental beings. Falling somewhere between these two lifeforms is Gunther, a green dinosaur that had his brain mutated by the magical ice elemental Urgence Evergreen, and tragedy strikes when Gunther gets the opportunity to be a hero for the first time.

Like “The Vault,” “Evergreen” spends almost its entire runtime in the past, dialing back the clock to show the Adventure Time universe at a primordial stage in its existence. Instead of Finn and Jake, the action follows Gunther and his cat-like companion Nina, who serve the …

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