TV Club: Adventure Time: “Chips And Ice Cream”

Episodes like “Chips And Ice Cream” are a reminder that Adventure Time is a series primarily intended for children. The plot involves two imps named Chips and Ice Cream that possess the ears of a puppeteer that entertains the children of Ooo by putting on a Chips and Ice Cream show, which is composed solely of Chips and Ice Cream repeating their names with different intonations. The juvenile BMO loves Chips and Ice Cream, but Finn and Jake just don’t get it, and I can’t help but think that Finn and Jake represent a large portion of the adult audience watching this episode.

Any long-running series is bound to have some filler episodes, and “Chips And Ice Cream” plays like a half-baked idea Somvilay Xayaphone and Seo Kim had while eating chips and ice cream. What if there were these two imps called Chips and Ice Cream that …

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