TV Club: Adulthood isn’t for children’s eyes on F Is For Family

At the halfway point of its short first season, the rude, braying awfulness of F Is For Family‘s world has begun to hem in the Murphys. The Murphys are pretty rude and loud themselves, but the series, in revealing that Frank’s seemingly insoluble work conundrum is going to threaten what little peace and security the family has, continues the thorny task of making the Murphys queasily relatable. The growing problem on the show is that they’re only so sympathetic because the rest of their world is uniformly unpleasant.

As has been the case in all three episodes so far, “The Trough” spins the family off in separate stories, in different groupings. Here, Frank—after finding out Kevin has unsurprisingly reneged on his promise of academic reform last episode—takes young Bill to the football game instead, using the tickets Frank received from his boss in order to …

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