TV Club: Adina Porter makes a choppy AHS: Roanoke finale into a showcase

The finale of American Horror Story: Roanoke is simultaneously a rip-roaring hour of television and a disappointment. The sleek, sedate trailer for the final chapter promised a change of pace from the choppy, often winking distance of the season to date, with Lee Harris granting a coveted one-on-one interview to one of the few people who might understand her. In the preview, AHS: Asylum‘s Lana Winters (Sarah Paulson’s third role of the season) promises the return of a woman as intense and assured as Lee, and as capable of maneuvering people into doing and saying what she wants.

(Sarah Paulson, Adina Porter) (Screenshot: FX)

The few minutes they have together are riveting. Lana, who rose to fame as Bloody Face’s captive—and his killer—has a reputation just as sensational as Lee’s, and nearly as notorious. After a lifetime asking pointed questions at the perfect moment …

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