TV Club: Absence makes the Rectify grow stronger

I had a queasy feeling about the final scene of “Yolk.” It makes sense that Janet would run across a newly free Trey Willis at the supermarket: It connects the incident to Amantha’s roadside conversation with Billy Harris, underlining the utter smallness of Rectify‘s main setting. (“You still working at Thrifty Town?” “How’d you know that?” “You’re back in Paulie, Dorothy”) Also, Sean Bridgers’ name is in the credits, and he hadn’t shown up yet, so Trey had to be in that final scene. But the inevitability of this encounter takes nothing away from its uneasy build-up, as routine gives way to coincidence and Janet stalks her prey, J. Smith Cameron’s eyes framed by the same shelf of grits mix that cuts Bridgers off at the shoulders. I was worried about what she might say, the things that might get stirred up (to borrow …

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