TV Club: Abbie’s missing and Ichabod goes through the looking glass

Putting aside, for the moment, that the whole “shoving Abbie off into another dimension” thing has been done before, and feels a bit old hat and frustrating, “One Lie” makes the most of her absence. Ichabod is obsessed with tracking her down, perhaps beyond the point of reason, and Jenny is just as determined to rescue her sister. Agent Foster suspects Ichabod had something to do with Abbie’s disappearance, and Reynolds, her boss and Abbie’s former lover, needs answers as much as anybody. No one pretends that everything is fine, and the episode makes as thorough a case as possible that this latest plot twist means something.

A little too thorough, actually. “One Life” pauses far too often for emotional monologues, and every time one of our heroes starts to wax philosophical about how much Abbie meant to them, the strings kick in. There’s a certain lack …

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