TV Club: Abbie is through playing games on Sleepy Hollow

One of the pleasant surprises of Sleepy Hollow‘s first season was how often the show managed to be legitimately scary. Not terrifying, not “wake up screaming in the middle of the night” freaky, but spooky, creepy fun, with a bit more teeth than one might have expected of a series with such a blatantly ridiculous premise. The first season is a long way away, though, and I think maybe a minute or so of “Incident At Stone Manor” was actually freaky. The show still regularly uses horror imagery in its storytelling, but the weight that gave that imagery greater meaning is largely gone.

To put it another way, where the first season was a horror show with fantasy elements, the third season has become a fantasy series that dabbles in the occasional eerie moment. There’s an undeniable loss that comes with this transition—in its earlier incarnation, the …

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