TV Club: Abbie faces all sorts of demons in Sleepy Hollow

The connections to the past continue as Sleepy Hollow maintains its mild but still gratifying upswing. “Sins Of The Father” features not only the return of Atticus Nevins, last seen presumed dead at the hands of a pissed off Pandora, but some flashbacks to Atticus’s time with the man himself, August Corbin, who he served with the first Gulf War. The actors playing young Atticus and August look absolutely nothing like their very recognizable older counterparts, but it was nice piece of sideways mythology building. If I’m reading Atticus’s story right, we just basically heard the reason August got interested in following the occult. It’s not the most necessary piece of history, but it’s nice to know.

Really, though, the draw here isn’t Atticus; he’s a good, creepy bad guy, and seeing as how this is his last appearance on the show (I …

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