TV Club: Abbie and Ichabod face off against an old friend

So that was good, right? Solid character work, a steady sense of pacing, and a fun, loopy story about re-animated monsters and the women they want to love. It doesn’t really hold up to scrutiny (if nothing else, Ichabod and Abbie’s nonchalance at releasing the Kindred and Kindress into the wild borders on negligence; given what he was willing to do for a wife, what did they think would happen if the couple ever wanted children?), but scrutiny has never really been the goal here. By and large, “Kindred Spirits” is the sort of solidly entertaining and likable hour that makes me glad the show got a third season; whatever its faults, this is something I don’t regret watching.

But let’s get those faults out of the way, all right? The hour has us check in in on Pandora and the Hidden One, who’s very …

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