TV Club: Abbi crushes her impression of Ilana on Broad City

In “Co-Op,” Ilana and Abbi spend most of their time apart, but the depth of their friendship is on full display throughout in another fantastic episode that encompasses everything the show does best. When Ilana faces expulsion from the Greene Hill Food Co-Op (it’s her last day to complete her shifts for the current moon cycle, but she has an important doctor’s appointment), Abbi steps in to cover the shift—not for her, but as Ilana. Ilana, to a lesser extent, becomes Abbi, but Abbi-as-Ilana (and therefore Abbi Jacobson) emerges as the episode’s MVP. It’s kind of surprising that it has taken these two this long to switch places, but the Broad City writers know what they’re doing. Watching Abbi pretend to be Ilana is an instant recipe for success, and it surely would have been funny last season or even in the first, but …

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