TV Club: A To Z: “M Is For Meant To Be”

“M Is For Meant To Be” is that awful necessity of modern network TV, the midpoint that serves as a finale if it comes to that. It came to that. Andrew and Zelda still have four months left on their clock, but this feels like the romantic high point. Would the spring have seen a slow, subtle decline? And, for the final time, is that narration really, truly, sincerely, 100 percent honest? “M Is For Meant To Be” has no answers for my biggest A To Z questions, but you can’t blame it for not being “Z Is For Zodiac Killings.” It’s a special episode in its own right, just one that leaves us with happily ever after on a show that promised the opposite.

What happens is Andrew’s ex comes to town, Madeline from Milwaukee. (Since I haven’t explicitly praised it yet, I appreciate the …

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